octobre 08, 2003

NYSE Site Hacked

I'm telling you it inspires confidence You will see a 1200 point drop in the DJIA (didn't happen) closed down about 24 points. Here are the numbers I just pulled off the site. Screen shots available on request.

NYSE Composite* 5855.34 21.22 0.36

NYSE International 100* 3891.26 13.27 0.34

NYSE TMT* 4687.98 19.07 0.41

NYSE US 100* 5221.28 28.56 0.55

NYSE World Leaders* 4689.84 21.99 0.47

Amex Composite 1013.81 2.17 0.21

DJ Industrials  8448.10     -1206.50   -14.28    

DJ Transportation 2307.99 -492.39 -21.33

DJ Utilities 214.31 -38.47 -17.95

DJ EURO STOXX 50** 2473.88 2.73 0.11

DJ STOXX 50** 2457.19 3.97 0.16

Nasdaq Composite 1893.78 14.07 0.74

Russell 2000 515.68 5.09 0.99

S&P 100 516.54 3.10 0.60

S&P 500 1033.78 5.47 0.53

S&P 400 Midcap 534.35 1.66 0.31

S&P Global 100 1039.02 5.77 0.56
10 Year T-Note
 42.42 0.02 0.05
13-Week T-Bill
 8.77 0.25 2.85

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Oh wow! I got my first comment spam Does this mean I have arrived?

And why place Spam comments in an August Post? I notice the same post drew a freeper last week. It's the post about Zempt. Most likely a result of GoogleBot turning up the link. No one reads this stuff except well maybe a handfull of folks. Well more like a busload have actually visited more than once.... But comment spam? That is desperation. You see what happens when you create a Do Not CALL list? You get market hungry freepers posting spam to blog comments. Ephemera squared. Geeze now I have a chance to test the BLACKLIST!

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Haven't seen this widely reported... Updated!

While I've seen people talking about Clark's campaign manager fuming about the lack of grass roots focus and quiting in a huff. Here is another problem for him. I guess with Arnold winning this just hasn't been important. Clark has some favorable qualities however he is a neophyte on the US political scene, I know the military life is political but it is mild compared to the fires of American politics.

Wesley get your act together! I want to vote for you. You get some of the big ol' mo' and then forget who brought you to the dance? If you are a paid speaker you can't be a paid campaigner on your own behalf. Have the party reimburse your living expenses. Campaigning should be your full time occupation no more $30K a pop speeches comprende? Save it for after the Whitehouse where if you are lucky you will get $500K per speech (or more).

Mr. Clark has returned the speaking fees. Good going guy. Now you know. Silly rules anyway.

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Dink .....vulgar or not?

Seems it is vulgar in the great State of Utah... where their senior senator wants to change the constitution, to accomodate our foriegn born citizens desire to hold high political office. Those wacky Mormons! I mean that in the nicest sense. Seems Mr. Dennis Udink is shit out of luck (now that's vulgar!).

Dink has some 8 or 9 meanings one of which was a slang term used during the VietNam war for natives of the country. I wonder how many Vietnamese there are in Utah that might take offense. If they did take offense how far they would get once they ran into Mr. Udink's name? I'd ask Ng Long Duong to get his own license plate.

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octobre 07, 2003

Bear expert no longer...

I have a great respect for nature. I have to wonder about an expert who travels in bear country without protection. I know he was a "friend" of the grizzlies but he wasn't "Bother Bear". What special powers do you need to understand your place on the food chain? Horrible way to die taking someone with you too.

First death in Katmai Park in 15 years, but bear attacks or uncomfortable encounters are NOT rare.

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octobre 06, 2003

The Charity Drive that gives you a little something back!

Or not so little somethings. Cute idea. Give! Blogger Boobie Thon

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From the Meme List (memewatch.com)

Blogs come and go Mostly go... seems my blog is nearing the end of it's useful life if it follows the curve. Oh wait before my blog runs its course, let me tell you how happy I am about getting my own fuel injector cleaner kit. Thanks to a site which specializes in best fuel injector cleaner reviews, I was able to put into good use what I've learned from a blogger discussing the best way to clean fuel injectors. (If you're not into cars or if you don't own one, you won't appreciate this topic). You've been warned ;)

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First Monday in October

Time for the Supremes to get busy. An NPR story today can be found here you will need to scroll down the page as there is no permalink... NPR needs to BLOG it's shows. A perfect marriage of form and function.

Anyway this session is jam packed. ADA, Religious Freedom, Money and Politics, Gerrymandering it will be instructive.

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octobre 04, 2003

Poetic Justice?

Now I don't wish physical injury on anyone but I have an intense dislike of dog and pony shows. These magnificiant animals do not deserve to be used to make some people rich. I have no doubt that Siegfried and Roy love their animals in their own way, but prostituting them isn't what I would call entertainment.

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octobre 03, 2003

Salon Blogs

Went down today at approximately 15:30 PDT today. This is just a marker. Server pings no HTTP response. RadioUserland notified by me via email at 17:30 PDT (the server also sends email if it is not working properly or so I am told). Trouble is if no one is checking email then well no one resets the server. The services are supposed to restart if the crump, but if a critical service "hangs" then it will not be restarted because as far as the service monitor knows the service is running.... This isn't really a Salon problem but the hosting company.

UPDATE 7:30 PDT OCT 4 still down Scott sent mail saying he knows about the outage has been traveling to BloggerCon or would have seen this earlier, he was trying to raise someone at Radio. Andrew is sitting next to Dave Winer at BloggerCon says he was going to mention the outage to him. Lots of grumpy people on the Salon Bloggers group and over on the Radio Userland discussion boards.

8:00 AM PDT Dave Winer 'I don't work there anymore' live from BloggerCon. You know Dave is a real big shit now being at Harvard and all. He has some academic creds now Hahvahd Law don't you know. He has got bloggers from all over the world comin in. Too busy to care and then again he does not work there (RadioUserland) any more. So why should he? His blog is hosted on ScriptingNews. Perhaps if he were a Salon blogger he would care. I hope Scott dishes him some shit when he takes the stage.

1:00 PM Salon came back up at 12:30 PM Saturday. No word on what the problem was. I have to think it was more than rebooting the server given the length of time it was down. Scott promised to let us know more when he knows more. Blog ON!

This from Lawrence Lee of Radio Userland:
" There was a problem on the static server that servers blogs.salon.com. It
was restarted, checking into why it didn't restart automatically."

Shows how much I know. All it needed was a good swift kick in the pants. Too bad we couldn't kick it as we had lots of volunteers.

Returning now to our regularly scheduled life.

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Suit Holds Microsoft Responsible for Worm Holes

Quick somebody tell Stephen Hawking..... Is this like holding gun manufacturers liabel for murder? I'm gonna start a class action against FORD for carjacking. What about the freaking freapers who write the malicious code? A deep pockets suit if I ever saw one. Yes Microsoft can and should do a better job, if it doesn't then the market will make its judgement. But Granny ain't installing Linux any time soon and doesn't want to buy a MAC.

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We Report you Decide

via Cal Pundit.com..... http://www.pipa.org/OnlineReports/Iraq/Media_10_02_03_Report.pdf

If you want to know more about PIPA.

Read the report you will need an ADOBE ACROBAT reader. Or cut to the chase here.

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Just an observation

I just stepped out for a breath of fresh air (a PNW euphemism for having a smoke) and I noticed how a car horn intended to issue warnings is actually an instrument that can convey anger. Simple thing with one purpose that is often used for another. I mean I could actually feel the other person's displeasure as the horn sounded. It is joked that here in Portland you could sit through several changes of a traffic light and no one would honk at you people would simply change lanes and go around you or perhaps get out of their car and make sure you were OK.

Alas my world is changing.

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octobre 02, 2003

What good is a Privacy Statement?

Seems e-Bay has it's own ideas.

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Does any body know what time it is?

As Zannah says World's Coolest Clock!

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In case you were wondering.....

No Weapons Found Yet

ABC News - 15 minutes ago
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septembre 30, 2003

Cuisses de Grenouille?

The feeding frenzy has begun. Democrats dining on Frog Legs. Not that I am not secretly tickled pink to see the Bushies sweat and really really angry that a CIA agent was outed... I'm just not sure this is what we want to do, at least with the fervor that approaches the wing nuts that plagued the Clintons for 8 years. How about a little decorum fellow bloggers? Hell I've seen rampant speculation and theories popping up all over the liberal blogdom that would make Ken Starr blush. The facts we know are enough. The who dunnit is really immaterial unless of course the Whitehouse is stupid enough to circle the wagons and stonewall, then there is always the chance of this snowballing into obstruction of justice.

It's still the economy and the stampede to war. This is a chink in the armor but not the Holy Grail. I don't think Bush is going to get impeached over this. First off the Dems don't control Congress.

Democrats should keep the heat on and see this through but let's not focus on this alone. The story is out and there is a lot of pent up anger and frustration to fuel the fires, but keep the eyes on the prize.

You get rid of a couple of the Bushanistas and we get some clones to take their place. We are still up to our armpits in alligators in Iraq. We have lost more jobs than any time since the Great Depression and Herbert Hoover. More Americans are living in or near poverty than any time in history.

We have a bunch of issues not just one. Well maybe One and that is the G.W. Bush & Co. Circus. Get it out of your system and let the system do it's thing. We need a special prosecutor or an independent counsel to be sure. There are professionals in the FBI who are not party hacks and can be trusted to get the skinny and name the names (although damn few people have been prosecuted for leaks historically). Don't expect a 17 1/2 minute gap to push the NeoCons into handing the presidency to Dick Cheny. Cheny doesn't seem to be in the same world as the rest of the team anyway. He is still spouting the old party line as of a couple of weekends ago.

The best we can hope for is a couple of anonymous sources in the media to name the names of the two vindictive idiots who called the media to begin with.
Now wouldn't that be fun! Leak the Leakers there is a meme.

Take a deep breath, be angry. But don't get too excited. As Kriselda says there are still 399 days before the election. If you do have a contact in the Washington Media well see if you can get them to talk off the record. I'll buy the scotch.

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septembre 28, 2003

Foto Fakery Revisited

Kriselda dropped by from Different Strings to comment on the picture of Isabelle
that has popped up in different places on the net and has been making the rounds via email as well. Kriselda ran it by a local meteorologist who said it wasn't a hurricane but perhaps shelf clouds associated with severe thunderstorms. Fair enough I never doubted the "clouds" just their placement in the picture.

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Casualty Reports

Over at Centcom the warriors would honor their dead by providing links to the casualty reports mixed in with the other headlines of the day, the casualties appeared "above the fold" so there was usually a mix of good news and bad news. No longer. The decision has been made US casualties no longer appear in the daily briefing. A nice little (little being the operative word) link has been added to the bottom of the main briefing page where you can find the information that doesn't belong on front page. I've added a link to the last 6 months of US casualties in the cost of war box on the right. You will note that the link above will let you search out a specific month and year or the last 99 days. The default returns the last 5 days (why not a full week?). via the New York Times. Not a permalink.

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septembre 23, 2003

Big Media/Little Media

You know how Colin Powell's son Michael is running the FCC and passing all these rules that are bringing us all together under a big tent in the name of consumer choice and diversity (Ministry of Doublespeak) well sometimes the local channels leave a bunch to be desired... read on or not it's just another piece of weirdness.

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septembre 20, 2003


I'm not the typical rabid football fan. I do eventually watch the "Super Bowl" and I went to my son's games when he played in high school. I even played in a varsity game or three way back a long time ago.

The game I watched today was a regional PAC-10 game with #22 Oregon playing #3 Michigan. The game was called by Dan Fouts and Keith Jackson. KJ is getting senile.

The Ducks upset the Wolverines, BS they beat them like a rented mule. The Ducks had their first TD taken away by a zebra. This set up Michigan's score on a blocked FG. They shanked the extra point. 6-0. Oregon reeled off the next 24 points. The Michigan offense were on the field for maybe 4 minutes of the half. KJ was sputtering (I am thinking he lost $50K on this game).

Michigan woke up late in the third quarter and moved the ball through the air. Oregon cannot defend 6'6'' tight ends this is no secret. UM scores 8 points on the same type of play Oregon was denied on the first drive. Balls stretched over the goal line except in watching the replays the runner is down before the stretch.

There was everything in this game. Blocked FG for a TD, Missed point after, fake punt, fake FG,punt return for a TD, sucessfull onside kick, blocked punt for a TD. Several interceptions, sacks, stuffs and runs up the middle for TDs. It was not as close as the final score would have you believe.

The last Wolverine drive that died had KJ calling for a 5th and 8. Dan had to remind him the game was over several times. 22 seconds and Duck ball. KJ was talking about a field goal and another onside kick. Kieth Jackson the "voice" has lost it. Maybe it was jet lag.

Michigan dosen't travel well. When they come out West to start they get beat.

Go Ducks....

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Major Explosions

I just woke up to the sounds of some major explosions. I mean miles away. There was an airshow at the Hillsboro airport today at first I thought a fireworks show. I don't think this is what this was. Watching the local news to find out exactly what this is... stay tuned.

Fireworks were scheduled, but the 4th of July wasn't like this...

OK maybe the sky isn't falling... Local news station says every thing is cool. I mean to tell you I have seen some fireworks in my life but this one took the cake. No rythmn no skybursts just some major lighting of the distant sky and smoke rising. More like shock and awe on the TV via Bagdad.

That is what I get for napping. You do not want to wake up to this kind of thing.

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septembre 19, 2003

The Cost of War

I just wish I could change my templates and have them publish without having to push them up stream. Maybe I'm not doing something right.

This should add the Cost of War to my right hand bar......

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Foto Fakery

With Isabel in the news it doesn't take anytime at all for the freepers (did I get that term right? Filchy Boy loves it I like it too) to get their share of the bandwidth. Below is an expanded cropped version of this "cool picture". Notice how the hurricane has been deposited off the port bow. Of course this guys account might blow out it's bandwidth so if the link doesn't work there is another copy here. Ham fisted editing it's enough to make Mark quit his Photoshop session. Seriously I think Mark is offline for a while. Seems the real Isabel dumped lots of water his way along with trees and power-lines and all the other detritus pushed by some healthy wind. Hope you are dry and pleasantly buzzed big guy and the missus and all you hold dear safe and sound.

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